Another Book-Project: „The New Age of Deception“

Well, this publishing house has been „Out of the box“ from the very beginning. Cause normally the main focus of a business is making money. What we´ve never been good in, in the past. Now it seems to get worse, as this is the second book project, after „Ano & Maly“, where there´ll be parts of it out for free. You might call us crazy, but maybe JadeXpression was simply funded with a lot of passion, love, idealism, creativity (and of course naivety). One should never underestimate such a combo.

So, the English speaking folks may just have fun and enjoy the upcoming content. We’ll even create an own section here, for „The New Age of Deception.“ Cause it´s about time, it comes out via the net and creates a few waves 😉 If you´re not speaking English good enough, you may trust in the translation software we offer on our page. It´s called Loco. One has to be to survive and even have fun with such a project 😉

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