The New Age of Deception, Prelude

This book isn’t against spirituality. Just the opposite. I not only believe in the eternal life of our Souls, to me the undying, eternal essence of us as humans is as real as can be. And that’s exactly the reason why I feel it is my duty to write this book.

I don’t ́t care what your religion is. Believe whatever you want to believe. Your belief is a thing between you and you. And that’s the point. No religion allows you to believe what you want, they all tell you what to believe. And although it doesn’t seem so, the New Age isn’t an exception, but the most inclusive deception of all ages.

It even begins with the name. The New Age isn´t new at all. It has just thrown all religious ideas into one big box. But a bigger box will not set you free, there is just more space and fun to play with it. There are simply even more possibilities to be confused and deceived. And not by accident.

The New Age is a planned attempt of the priestly caste, to sell an old car with new papers. That’s how the always same kind of people stay on top. They rename their ivory tower, without any true intent to change the lives of the masses really for the better. Well, of course, life seems to be nicer (in western countries), but is that really true, when looking behind the shiny surface? Are we really that much happier or fulfilled? And well, even those that feel okay, it is the happiness of ignorance. Like a nice Hollywood film gives you a good feeling, even if nothing of it is true and all it does is to sell you dreams that make your reality even more unfulfilling and it is even enhancing your desire to escape your reality.

And of course, you may enjoy the dream anyway. And that is what the majority of people are choosing at the moment. Nice dreams over an unfulfilling reality as a slave and sheep. You may dream as much as you wish, but sooner or later there´ll be a rude awakening.  Well, and that´s what really stunned me when I found out: Even the awakening of people is hijacked, to make sure they will not really wake up. Just the opposite. Actually, the New Age is an attempt to lure people into a nicer kind of prison, to make them feel better, while they are still abused. The New Age may look rainbowy and harmonious, but it’s far away from freedom. And when people will recognize their mistake, it´ll be too late.

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