The First Reader of „The New Age of Deception“.

Whenever we present something to the public, there´s this excitement in the air: We love what we do, that´s a given anyway. But are others willing to invest their own time, money, attention? Will they see it as worth the effort? Will our creation become a co-creation, as they take the inspiration to mingle it with their own experiences and wisdom and carry it into their own, very unique, life?

And that´s why I was paying really close attention when I announced the publishing of „The New Age of Deception“ and almost immediately someone shared the picture of their Ebook Reader with the Cover of „The New Age of Deception“ on Facebook. She allowed me to use her picture for this article and she gave an awesome 5 Star Rating on Amazon, which is the following:


This book is amazing! I could not put it down and it is a book that everyone should read!
It’s an eye opening and so profound for current situation in the world. The writer explained everything that some of us felt during our journey of awakening, and everyone should read it. This book is Godsend gift to the world.


I have to confess that I had tears in my eyes when she told me. I am really, really grateful that she was my first reader, as Mima is a very special woman and I couldn´t have wished for a better first reader and review.

Thank you and much Love <3

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